Best Warrior build in Dark Envoy - Malakai in a cutscene.

Best Warrior build in Dark Envoy – specialization & skills

Are you interested in the best Warrior build in Dark Envoy with the strongest specialization and class skills? Here’s our complete guide. The Warrior focuses on melee damage and based on the specialization chosen, can become a great tank, single-target DPS unit, or an AoE damage swordsman. To help you make the most out of this class, I’ll showcase the best attributes to level on a Warrior as well as the best class and specialization skills to unlock.

Best Warrior build in Dark Envoy - Best attributes for Benedict.

Best Warrior build in Dark Envoy

The Warrior is the best melee class in Dark Envoy and can fulfill various roles, based on what you need the most. Since it’s the most durable class and it’s essential to have a unit that can withstand a lot of damage for your frontline, the best Warrior build in Dark Envoy involves building this class as a tank.


In terms of the best attributes to level up, I recommend going for Endurance and Might. Endurance increases HP, resistance, and maximum weight, which will be helpful since your goal is to use Heavy Armor. Might is an essential stat for all classes as it increases your overall damage and weapon skill effectiveness. You can’t go wrong with this.

Secondarily, you can also increase Mastery, as it will grant you extra HP and Mana regeneration and increase your critical hit damage.

Best Warrior class skills

The best Warrior class skills in Dark Envoy that you should get early on are the following:

  • Steel Skin: Increases your armor and magic resistance
  • Martial Training (passive): Increases max HP and Tenacity
  • Strong Will (passive): Increases weapon damage
  • Healing Pulse: Heals yourself and nearby allies
  • Shattering Stomp: High-damage AoE skill

Steel Skin, Martial Training, and Healing Pulse will allow you to stay alive longer and even heal allies, while Strong Will and Shattering Stomp will help you deal significant damage and take down enemies that get close to you.

As for which unit to have as your Warrior, check out our best starting class in Dark Envoy for Kaela and Malakai for suggestions.

Best Warrior build in Dark Envoy - Best skills and class specialization for Benedict.

Best Guardian specialization skills

The best Warrior specialization is the Guardian as it offers increased durability and is the best tank in the game. The best Guardian specialization skills are the following:

  • Guardian Matrix: AoE buff that grants a Magic Shield and extra Armor to allies while also redirecting any damage they take to the user of this skill.
  • Juggernaut (passive): Gain extra physical resistance
  • Shield Master (passive): Deal extra damage while you have a Shield equipped
  • Last Stand (passive): Once per battle, when your HP reaches 0, revive yourself and become invulnerable for a few seconds
  • Judgment of Steel: Deals AoE damage based on your armor and inflicts Armor Shatter to enemies

Guardian Matrix, Juggernaut, and Last Stand are amazing tank skills that will make it impossible for you to die. Even if you do die, you’ll revive yourself instantly. Combined with Shield Master and Judgement of Steel, you’ll be able to also deal solid damage, debuff enemies, and buff allies. Overall, the Warrior Guardian is a must-have unit in every team.

To summarize this best Warrior build guide in Dark Envoy, select the Guardian class and focus on skills that increase your defensive stats while also having some offensive options. If you enjoyed reading this guide, check out our best Ranger build in Dark Envoy for a class that focuses on high DPS.

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