Best starting class in Dark Envoy for Kaela and Malakai - The two main characters set off on their adventure.

Dark Envoy: best starting class for Kaela & Malakai

Are you trying to find the best starting class in Dark Envoy for Kaela and Malakai? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. You have four classes to choose from when starting out and each of them leads to three unique specializations. It’s important to choose the most optimal one for each character as classes define your main strengths and weaknesses. Let’s examine each character in turn.

Best Kaela starting class in Dark Envoy - Kaela with the Ranger class equipped.

Best starting class for Kaela in Dark Envoy

The best starting class for Kaela is the Ranger. This class stands out due to being an amazing ranged DPS unit and allows you to keep your distance from enemies while dealing significant damage. Additionally, having a ranged unit will allow you to take advantage of explosive barrels and other traps on the map, which help you turn the tide of battle quickly.

On top of that, the most dangerous enemy units are often ranged attackers and it’s helpful to take them down quickly before they get the chance to start spamming you with their attacks. Lastly, the Poison Cloud ability will help you deal with grouped enemies easily, especially if you upgrade it early on.


In terms of specializations, which are unlocked at level 7, the Ranger has three options:

  • Gunslinger: Fast-moving damage dealer
  • Bounty Hunter: Focuses on setting traps and debuffing opponents
  • Sharpshooter: Slower and less agile than the Gunslinger, but with higher damage and range

Overall, the best Ranger specialization for Kaela is the Gunslinger, as it is the most versatile one for the early game. The extra mobility will allow you to avoid enemies who try to get close, while the damage skills and passive abilities will help you deal with enemies quickly.

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Best Malakai starting class in Dark Envoy - Malakai with the Warrior class equipped.

Best starting class for Malakai in Dark Envoy

The best starting class in Dark Envoy for Malakai is the Warrior. It’s essentially to have one melee unit in your team that can tank a few extra hits so that the Ranger can deal damage undisturbed. The Warrior combines damage and survivability and it’s the best early-game tank that can keep enemies aggroed on him without issue.

Especially with the Iron Skin ability, you’ll never have to worry about your Warrior dying early on. The best part of this class is that you don’t have to commit to a tanky playstyle. When you unlock specializations on level 7, you can choose a more damage-oriented option and deal as much damage as the Ranger.


The Warrior class has the following specializations available at level 7:

  • Guardian: Tank that focuses on increasing defenses, shielding allies, and taking the aggro from enemies
  • Assassin: Stealth melee DPS unit that focuses on dealing high single-target damage
  • Blademaster: Melee DPS unit that prioritizes AoE damage and bleeding debuffs on enemies

The best Warrior class specialization for Malakai is the Blademaster since it allows him to maintain some tanking capabilities from the Warrior class while also dealing significant AoE damage. Since you’ll be dealing with hordes of enemies often, the AoE damage will come in clutch.

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To summarize, the best starting class for Kaela and Malakai in Dark Envoy is the Ranger and the Warrior respectively. This combo will allow you to have a melee tank and a ranged damage dealer early on, which will help you deal with any enemy in your path.

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