Frog Sweat Fae Farm — how to get it Characters running towards a statue

Frog Sweat Fae Farm — how to get it

While traveling through the world of Fae Farm, you will encounter small creatures who are as cute as they are useful to keep. Many of these Critters produce particular items that you can use as ingredients to craft even more important items. So, take out your Critter Net and get ready to capture these valuable animals. One of these items is Frog Sweat in Fae Farm, and this article will tell you how to get it.

This item, which may make you a little squeamish, is actually one of the most requested items by many NPCs in the game and is also used for crafting various potions and fertilizers. So, having some Frog Sweat in your inventory is going to make your gameplay even smoother.

Keep reading to find out how can you get Frog Sweat in Fae Farm and use it.

Frog Sweat Fae Farm — how to get it Character looking at a conservatory

How to get Frog Sweat in Fae Farm?

To get Frog Sweat, you need to put any type of Frogs or Toad into a Lowland Critter Conservatory. After a period of time, they will leave Frog Sweat for you to collect in the conservatory. The following are all the types of lowland Frogs and Toads you can catch:

  • Rainbow Frog
  • Common Toad
  • Spring Pepper
  • Bull Frog
  • Tree Frog
  • Aurora Frog

You will be able to find Common Toads only at night, Bull Frogs during the summer season, Tree Frogs during Autumn, Aurora Frogs during the winter season, and Spring Peppers during Spring. Now, to craft a Lowland Critter Conservatory, you will need the following resources:

  • x5 Beech Lumber
  • x5 Stone Brick
  • x20 Plant Fibers
  • x20 Silt

Once you create this conservatory, you can place the Critters you have caught in it. It will take a varied amount of time for them to produce Frog Sweats for you.

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