Spore Essence Fae Farm — how to get it Characters showing each other potions

Spore Essence Fae Farm — how to get it

If you find Miasma very annoying, then you will need to use a Large Fairbreath potion, as it provides you with immunity from it for a long period of time. However, the recipe for this incredibly useful potion requires Spore Essence. This ingredient is really important when it comes to potion brewing, so if you are role-playing as a witch or a wizard, then having some Spore Essence in your inventory is a must. If you don’t know how to find it, this article will tell you how to acquire Spore Essence in Fae Farm.

Spore Essence is also used to brew several other potions in Fae Farm, so having some at your disposal is never going to be a bad thing. This ingredient is always a staple in the recipes for potions that give you incredible abilities.

Keep reading to find out how you can get Spore Essence in Fae Farm and become a legendary potion brewer.

Spore Essence Fae Farm — how to get it Character running towards a cauldron

How to get Spore Essence in Fae Farm?

You can extract Spore Essence from Sporeweed with the help of a Potion Ingredient Station. You can find a lot of Sporeweed in the Floating Ruins. You can generally find them when you reach Floor 7 and above.

Floating Ruins is located north east of the Elven Village; you can easily locate it on the world map. You will need Spore Essence to craft large and medium Fairbeath Potion to survive this dungeon.

After you get the Spore Essence, you will need to craft a Potion ingredient Station. The following are all the materials required to craft it:

  • x2 Fluterwood Lumber
  • x5 Clay Brick 
  • x2 Glass

Once you craft this station, open it up and select Sporeweed. You will notice that x4 Sporeweed gives you x1 Spore Essence.

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