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Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

The newly announced RPG by Luminous Production and published by Square Enix already has people talking. Not only it looks amazing but its open world and parkour nature has gamers (and us as well) already quite excited. But people are also asking, is Forspoken coming to Xbox as well as the other consoles?

Well, luckily we have enough details to both answer that question and also go through some of the details about the already hyped title, which is also going to be released quite soon into 2023 so there is not much longer to wait.

let us not waste any time and let us take a look if Forspoken is coming to Xbox consoles when it launches.

Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

We know Forspoken is already coming to PC and PS5, but it will also be available on Xbox because it is only a timed console exclusive for Sony. Unfortunately, Xbox owners will have to wait a bit to get their hands on the game as it will be released in January of 2025, two full years after its original release if the Microsoft team releases the game as soon as the exclusivity deal ends.

In Forspoken we’ll be playing as Freya, an ordinary woman from New York who gets sucked into the beautiful land of Athia. By using her newly found bracelet, Freya will discover that she now possesses magic powers which will help her in the dangerous exploration of the new world, as she will find out the connections to this magic land and how to survive.

In our exploration, Freya will be able to execute several parkour moves such as scaling walls, leaping across canyons and dashing through fields. The combat will also suit various tastes, as it can be both frenetic and fast, but also can be taken more strategically, planning our moves ahead.

Are you looking forward to the release of Forspoken? We sure are! But in the meantime, while you wait, you might want to check out our guides on Starfield and Vampire Survivors.