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Forspoken best gear – how to get it

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In Forspoken, you will need to fight powerful monsters as you traverse through the world of Athia. There are three types of gear that you can equip on the game’s protagonist, Frey Holland. In this guide, we will show you how you can get the best gear in Forspoken.

The three types of gear are Necklace, Cloak, and Nails. You can obtain gear through crafting or progressing through the story quests. They are pretty important, if you want to keep up with the combat difficulty level of the game. 

So, let’s find out all you need to know about Forspoken best gear and how to get it!

How to get the best gear in Forspoken

You can find all sorts of gear throughout locations within Forspoken, and collect them by playing the main story too. When you have enough resources, you can even upgrade each piece of gear. Note that you will need to unlock crafting first at the Curiosity Shop by buying the Sewing Kit for 64 Old Coins.

The best Necklace in the game has to be the Home Sweet Hell Necklace. It increases your stamina when you use offensive magic during parkour. When you have it equipped, Killer Blows will deal more damage to enemies. Also, if you have the Defenseless status, recovery will be quicker. 

Here’s how you can craft the Home Sweet Hell Necklace:

  • 3 Fluteblossom
  • 3 Bumbershoot
  • 3 Lucid Garland

Unbroken Cloak is undoubtedly the best cloak in Forspoken. It allows you to regenerate your health and boosts your magic recharge speed. When equipped, Cuff Counters will impact the reduced cooldown of magic abilities.

To craft an Unbroken Cloak, you need the following items (same as the Home Sweet Hell Necklace):

  • 3 Fluteblossom
  • 3 Bumbershoot
  • 3 Lucid Garland

You can get Nails by completing story quests. In the early game, you can pick Slay to deal more damage. Your next pick can be Clutch. To get these Nails, you need to complete the challenge in Reeve, located south of Cipal. It provides you with damage and health boosts.

That’s our guide on the best gear in Forspoken! Make sure to check out our other guides such as magic types and how many chapters there are.