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Forspoken magic types explained

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In Forspoken, you will be wielding magical powers as Frey Holland, the protagonist. Uprooted from her life in NYC, she is transported to the fantasy world of Athia. To use her magic, you should be familiar with the magic types in Forspoken.

To defeat her enemies and find her way home, Frey will need to stick to her wits and survive. There are different sets of magic depending on the element that she uses, and you can swap between them.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about the workings of the Forspoken magic types!

What are the magic types in Forspoken

There are four different elements in Athia, which you will be able to use as four different types of magic. In order to differentiate them just look at their colors. The protagonist Frey will need to wield all four magic types to fight and defeat the powerful enemies in the game, so let’s find out how they work!

You can switch between the magic types to quickly take down enemies. Here are all the magic types in Forspoken as well as the colors they use:

Frey’s Magic 

Color: Purple

Frey’s magic is what you will be using at the beginning of the game. It draws its power from the earth, and its three attacks are Shield Shot, Burst Shot, and Scattershot. You can stop your opponents from moving, and deal out some damage.

Tanta Silas’ Magic 

Color: Red

Silas’ Magic comes from fire, and your attacks are Arc Slice, Rage Slice, and Blast Slice. This is mostly an offensive power, and you can even make an enemy explode with this type of magic. 

Tanta Prav’s Magic 

Color: Blue

Drawing from the power of water, these are strong AoE spells that are great for crowd control. The attacks of Prav’s Magic are Fan Bolt and Cluster Bold.

Tanta Olas’ Magic 

Color: Green

Olas’ Magic revolves around electricity, and inflicts small damage in large bursts. Through chain lightning, you can fight a lot of enemies at once. 

So, there you have it, those are all of the magic types in Forspoken explained. Make sure to check out more of our guides such as how many chapters are and if the game is coming to Xbox.