Sons of the Forest gun location - picking up the pistol from its location

Sons of the Forest gun location – how to get pistol

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In Sons of the Forest, weapons are essential for survival as the enemies become increasingly harder and stronger each day. In this guide, we will take you through how to get the pistol and show you the Sons of the Forest gun location.

To ensure that you stay alive in the game, you will need to have stronger armor and weapons. You might want to get a pistol on your hands.

Extra ammunition will greatly help you at this point in the game, so let’s find out where this Sons of the Forest gun location is!

Where to find pistol Sons of the Forest gun location

To find the Pistol, start from the initial helicopter crash site where you first began your journey on the island. From here, look for a purple exclamation point on the far left side of your GPS tracker. Make sure you zoom out on the GPS tracker to locate the exclamation point more easily. Make your way towards the purple exclamation point.

The Pistol is located deep in the water on a small orange inflatable boat, which you can see from the shoreline. You’ll need to swim until you reach the side of the boat. Here, you’ll find a ladder to climb up inside. Be careful of the sharks circling the area that may attack you, and make sure you get inside the boat as soon as possible.

Once inside, you will spot the Pistol on the ground. To add it to your bag, interact with the item. You can find it in the black gun case in your inventory henceforth. For more ammo, you can loot the cannibal camps that you will encounter throughout the game.

Now you know where to get pistol and its ammo in Sons of the Forest! If you need more tips and tricks on this game, make sure to check out how to get rope and how to make a sled.