PUBG Taego secret room - how to unlock it entering the room

PUBG Taego secret room – how to unlock it

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The best thing about battle royale games is being able to find little things that no one knows about, so we can boost to our friends and mates! In this guide, we will take you through how to unlock the PUBG Taego secret room.

The game has recently added a new map called Taego, which is home to dozens of secret rooms filled with unique loot. While this sounds exciting, the challenge for players is that finding these secret rooms can be quite difficult, especially if they’re unaware of where to look.

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s find out how to unlock the PUBG Taego secret room!

How to unlock the Taego secret room in PUBG

The keys to unlock the secret rooms are randomly generated as loot, which means that players must rely on PUBG’s RNG to find one. Therefore, players who are keen on unlocking the Taego Secret Rooms would be wise to land on areas that have plenty of ground loot.

Once you have found a key, the next step is to head to one of the 12 Taego Secret Room spawn locations scattered across the map. These secret rooms always spawn, so players don’t need to rely on RNG to find them. This excludes the limited-time event Zombie Survival, where Taego Secret Doors are completely RNG-dependent in that game mode.

Here are twelve possible locations of the Taego Secret Rooms:

  • North of Wol Song: Small Compound
  • South of the Army Base: Ruined Buildings
  • South-East of the Army Base: Small Town
  • South of Hae Moo Sa: On a Little Island
  • South of Ha Po: At a Farm
  • South-East of Ho Sa Prison: Scattered Buildings
  • North-West of Buk San Sa: At a Small Shack
  • North-West of the Studio Complex: Small Village
  • South-East of the Studio Complex: Ruined Buildings
  • North-East of Oh Hyang: Building located
  • South of the Airport: Near a Barn
  • South-East of the Shipyard: At an Abandoned Building

Now that you know the locations of the keys and the rooms, you can unlock the Taego secret room in PUBG. Why not check out a new game with our guides on Apex Legends Mobile controller support explained and CS:GO Danger Zone ranks explained?