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Factorio expansion release date estimate, features, and more

Factorio seems to be the perfect example of a slow burner, a game that took a while to find its audience but when it did, it seemed to slowly take off and it has now got a fair share of hardcore fans. It has been a year since the announcement of an expansion, so now we have come to answer your questions about the Factorio expansion release date, like when is it and what will it bring?

Factorio expansion release date

While originally planned for 2022, then later delayed to 2023, according to the developers the Factorio expansion will release sometime in August of 2024. It will cost around 30 dollars. This has been confirmed in one of the latest updates on the blog.

Along the expansion pack, the base game will also receive a new free 2.0 update featuring:

  • Improved control of the train systems
  • Better flying robot behaviour
  • Improved blueprint building

Also, the developers have recently confirmed that 2.0 will also feature stacking objects on conveyor belts, along with a new bulk inserter type that will allow piles of objects to be placed on belts. This is a change many have want to see coming and it is finally been confirmed by the developers.

Factorio expansion new features

The expansion pack will be called Factorio: Space Age, clearly all about building up planets and factories in space. The expansion’s release will also coincide with a complete overhaul of the graphical engine, which means there will be no early access release of the expansion.

The expansion, which is going to be paid even though we have no news on the cost yet, will bring about three new extra mods, the Space Age, Elevated Rails and Quality.

The first will feature space platforms, four entirely new planets, plus a revamped tech tree. Quality, instead, will bring about new and beautiful buildings all about that growth in a vertical direction. Finally, Elevated Rails will bring about better intersections plus much better rail routing.

Despite all the new features of the 2.0 version and expansion, it will still be possible to access the vanilla version of Factorio though, should one wish to go back to the original.

Are you excited about the upcoming expansion to the game? We sure are, but in the meantime, we’ll have to sit back and await more interesting news. To pass the time, you can also check out our tips for a more smooth experience in Factorio.

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