Jagged Alliance 3 Militia - how to hire and train Character wearing a red mask and preparing for an ambush

Jagged Alliance 3 Militia – how to hire and train

Creating the perfect team in Jagged Alliance 3 is really important for progressing through the levels and liberating more areas in the game. Without a team that supports your tactics and strategies, you are guaranteed to lose most of the battles. So, to help you with this process, we are going to explain the Jagged Alliance 3 militia and how you train and hire them.

Defending the territory you have acquired is a pretty tricky business as you want to explore new places but don’t want to let go of the previous one. This way, having a militia on your side who will literally die protecting your areas is pretty politically incorrect but also very effective.

In any case, understanding the Jagged Alliance 3 militia and how you can train and hire them will give you a giant headstart and make your gameplay easier and smoother. So, keep reading on and find out.

Jagged Alliance 3 Militia - how to hire and train Characters playing football/soccer

Training and hiring in Jagged Alliance 3 explained

Having militia is pretty useful as they will protect the areas you have already liberated and having them at your disposal increases your defense, like a lot. Follow the steps below for hiring them:

  • Go to the World Map
  • Select your settlement
  • Find the Operations tab
  • Select Operations then Militia Training
  • Click on the + under the Trainer section
  • Select your militia
  • Having a mercenary with high leadership and loyalty is useful
  • Pay the required amount and hire them

You probably have noticed that the process of hiring and training militia is the same. Well, surprise! you just need to follow the same steps from above for training. This saves a lot of time as whenever you want your militia for protection they will always be trained. Furthermore, getting help from militia, and hiring and training them is an entirely different aspect.

So, to unlock the militia training options make sure to liberate a big city or a village first. That is an essential step in getting access to more options. Moreover, if there is a hostile area near your settlement, they will attack you sooner or later. So, it is better to stay prepared with a militia.

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