Jagged Alliance 3 mods - the best ones Characters with guns walking inside of a house

Jagged Alliance 3 mods – the best ones

A short time has passed since the release of Jagged Alliance 3, and its modding community is already thriving. This just goes to show how important mods are for a game, especially early on its release.However, if you don’t know where to start, here are the best Jagged Alliance 3 mods.

These mods will surely turn your gameplay upside down, as you are going to explore features that the game devs did not intend you to explore, and this might even break the game. But sometimes experimenting and knowing what is the best for you gameplay-wise, then this type of rebellious attitude is required.

And With mod-support, enabling mods is also pretty easy in Jagged Alliance 3, so you will not face many technical issues. In any case, we are ready to show you the best Jagged Alliance 3 mods so you can take your game to the next level.

Jagged Alliance 3 mods - the best ones Charactere point his rifle at another character

Here are the best Jagged Alliance 3 mods

There are many mods to choose from that will heavily impact certain aspects of your gameplay, so choose wisely which one you want. The following are the best mods for Jagged Alliance 3 in no particular order:

  • Show Chance to Hit: This mod will dramatically change combat in the game as you will be able to see the chances of a hit on different body parts and the health bar of units.
  • Cheat and Developer Enable: This mod gives you access to the cheat menu and developer mode.
  • Expected Drop: This mod affects the drop chances and you get more items.
  • IMP portraits: This mod adds new illustrations to IMP.
  • Evermine: Mines will never run out of diamonds.
  • Uberimp: Lets you freely allocate your attribute points while making your IMP merc.
  • Active Pause: Add a pause feature that can be activated via the spacebar.
  • Crafting items to Squad bag: Allows putting specific list of crafting items to the squad bag.
  • Big Guns: Adds bigger guns to the game.
  • Merc Portraits: Adds new mercenary illustrations.

These are all of the best mods you can currently download for Jagged Alliance 3. Some of them will totally change your approach to each battle. So, if you like making this game a little easier, then go on to add these mods, nobody’s going to judge.

It is a good thing that the devs of this game are very open to modifications. They also listen to community feedback a lot, thus, downloading mods will surely enhance your gaming experience.

This is all there is to know about the best mods for this game. If this guide was helpful, then please check out our other content such as Splatoon 3 shows why it’s Nintendo’s best series ever, and Jagged Alliance 3 crafting explained.