Palia fish stew recipe - how to make it Character holding a fish

Palia fish stew recipe – how to make it

Palia has put a lot of effort into making cooking in this game feel pretty extensive. But this can also become frustrating if you are new to this game. There are a lot of ingredients and recipes that you can collect, but how can you turn them into a delicious dish? Well, you’ve got to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey! This is also the case for the Fish Stew in Palia. This dish sounds simple until you start making it.

Although the name of this dish basically highlights the most important ingredient you need to make it. But you will be surprised that unlocking it may take some time. And if you already experienced this, we are here to help you out.

Keep reading to find out how you can make Fish Stew in Palia. We hope you soon get to enjoy its delicious taste.

Palia fish stew recipe - how to make it Character chopping some vegetables

Here’s how you can make Fish Stew in Palia

The first thing you will need to do is get the Fish Stew recipe. You get it by fishing off the coast of Beachcomber Cove. You will also need a Worm bait. This may frustrate you a little, as you are literally fishing for the recipe. But don’t give up! You will get it soon. So, after you find the recipe, you will need the following items to make the Fish Stew:

  • Any Fish (1)
  • Any Spice (1)
  • Wild Garlic (1)

Thankfully, the recipe is actually quite simple. Just go to your kitchen and start cooking. Remember to chop the Wild Garlic with the help of your Prep Station. Then, cook everything on your Stove. Congratulations! You have just made Fish Stew. Consuming it will increase your fishing prowess for eight minutes. So, if you love fishing then keep cooking them.

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