Palia farm layout - the best way to set up farm Character smelling a vegetable

Palia farm layout – the best farm layout explained

Setting up your farm is a very efficient way to earn money in Palia. There are many aspects to farming in this game that you need to keep in mind. From upgrading your tools to the choice of crops you decide to grow, all of this will affect how much reward you are going to be yielding. But nothing matters more than the Farm layout. If you want to get rich quickly, here’s the best Palia farm layout.

There are actually many patterns when it comes to farm layouts that you can follow. However, some of them can get pretty complex and make farming more frustrating than anything resembling fun. You are not here to figure out a way to break the game, but rather to learn the best basic farm layout from which you can start your farming business from.

Keep reading and find out about the best Palia farm layout. Once you begin making your farm like this, you will be creating a constant passive income stream from your farm.

Palia farm layout - the best way to set up farm Character farming

What is the best Palia farm layout?

We would recommend starting with a simple 3×3 grid pattern first. After buying Soil, you can start laying out your farm. Find a plain field, and then with your hoe, start making a 3×3 grid pattern first. From there, you can start increasing your field.

Still, before you increase your farm’s size, start sowing Tomato seeds in all of the four corners, then Potato seeds between the Tomato seeds on the left and right sides, Rice on the bottom and top, and finally Wheat in the middle.

This is the most basic pattern that will increase your farm’s fertility rate. Mainly because Tomatoes and Potatoes help with water retention, and Rick and Wheat help boost harvest amounts. You can easily keep this pattern in mind and adapt it on a larger scale.

Later on, you can add Cotton to increase your crop quality and Carrots and onions as they block weeds. You can play around with this basic pattern, but always remember to start with this 3×3 grid farm layout. Although you can bypass thinking about your farming layout if you’re just doing it for fun and some extra gold.

That’s everything you need to know about setting up your farm in the most optimal layout to maximize your resources.

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