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Why was Roots of Pacha removed from Steam?

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You never know when it is going to happen. One day you are playing a nice little farming and life simulation, the day after the game is gone from Steam. Oh dear, what happened? In this guide, we will let you know why was the game Roots of Pacha removed from Steam.

The game’s disappearance from the platform came as a surprise to many. This prompted the developer to take to social media to explain what had happened.

On that note, let’s find out all about what happened for the Roots of Pacha removed from Steam issue.

Roots of Pacha has been removed on Steam – why?

According to Soda Den, the removal was due to an ongoing dispute with Crytivo, the game’s publisher. In a statement released on Twitter, the developer claimed that Crytivo had authorized Valve to remove the game from Steam without their knowledge or consent.

Soda Den went on to explain that the dispute was related to the rights to Roots of Pacha, with both companies so far working to resolve the matter without confrontation. The developer expressed disappointment that Crytivo had not worked with them to address the issue, instead choosing to involve Valve.

Crytivo, for its part, released a statement of its own, claiming that it had worked closely with Soda Den for three years to make Roots of Pacha a success. The publisher noted that only two days after the game’s successful launch, the developer had informed them that it was unilaterally rescinding the agreement between the two companies, considering the contract null and void. The crux of the issue was revenue sharing terms.

As a result of the dispute, Roots of Pacha was taken off Steam. Players were disappointed and uncertain about the game’s future. While some have called for greater transparency from both companies, others have expressed optimism that the issue will be resolved and the game will return to the platform soon.

In the meantime, don’t lose hope. Soda Den has told fans and followers that they will keep working on Roots of Pacha, despite the disagreement. The developer plans to release a roadmap next month and is committed to working towards a satisfactory resolution with Crytivo.

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