Palia ticket has been rejected - what is it and how to fix Character looking at a glowing scroll

Palia ticket has been rejected – what is it and how to fix

Troubleshooting problems can easily turn a cozy and wholesome game into a nightmare. Palia is also unfortunately a victim of these frustrating technical issues. Some of them like glitches or frame rate problems are still ignorable as at least you are playing the game. But when you see this message in the game” Unable to connect, Ticket has been rejected,” it’s just too much. So, to help you out with the rejected ticket in Palia

This is a problem that many players have been facing recently. Seeing this message is enough for them to stop playing this game and come back once it’s fixed. But you should keep in mind that Palia is still in its beta phase, so there is some workaround that you can try out if you really want to play Palia as soon as possible.

Keep reading to find out how to fix a rejected ticket in Palia and play this game again. 

Palia ticket has been rejected - what is it and how to fix Character staring at a giant mansion

How to solve rejected ticket in Palia

This may happen if your Anti-virus software is turned on. Try to turn it off and run Palia all over again. If this doesn’t work, you can also try looking at your Firewall and Windows Defender programs to check if they are not interfering with the game.

If this solution is not working for you. You can either wait for a while and then try again to connect later on. Or you can check Palia’s official Discord server and see if you can find any fix for your rejected ticket.

Finally, you can try Palia’s support page. There, you can submit a request and get help from the developers directly. Unfortunately, as they are constantly getting so many requests a day, you won’t get an answer quickly. The only thing you can now do is wait.

Making sure your internet connection is secure is another thing to try but in the end having patience is the only way to solve the issue.

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