Failed to create directory Roblox guy in red

Failed to create directory Roblox explained – how to fix it

There’s nothing better than having the possibility to explore a virtual world, free to go around and create our own personal life, having things to do and virtual friends to hang out with. But sometimes, technical problems prevent our fun. So here’s how to fix failed to create directory Roblox.

This is just one of the many errors one might encounter in the game, such as error code 264 and error code 403. There are many things that could go wrong, for sure, but luckily fixes are always easy to apply and should help get us back to gaming.

So, let’s see how to fix the failed to create directory Roblox error so we can happily game again.

How to fix failed to create directory error in Roblox

This particular error prevents you from running the game and will pop up with the code “error 3” so, follow these steps to fix it:

  • Press Windows key + R, to open the “run” box;
  • Type %AppData% and click OK;
  • Now you will be looking at the “Roaming” directory;
  • Click on “AppData” to go back and then go to “Local”;
  • You will find many folders so locate the Roblox one;
  • Double click to open it and create a new folder inside, called “Downloads”;
  • Launch Roblox and it should work correctly.

This should fix the app having issues creating a new folder inside the Roblox directory. But if the error code showing up is 5, then that is a problem relating to administratory permissions. The easy solution for that one is to right click on the Roblox icon and “run it as administrator”. If all else fails, get a fresh install of the game.

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