Palia Celebration cake guide - how to make it Character standing next to a cake

Palia Celebration cake – how to make it

Do you want to celebrate your birthday in Palia? or do you want to role-play as a baker and sell cakes for a lot of money? Well, whatever your goal may be you will need to know how to make a Celebration cake in Palia. With the help of Palia’s extensive cooking system, various dishes can be made in this game and you will also need to collect ingredients to cook them.

Celebration cake especially can be tricky to make as you need a lot of items beforehand. A High level of cooking skills is also required. However, selling this type of cake is also very lucrative and you can become rich pretty easily if you manage to bake a huge amount of them.

Keep reading to understand how you can make a Celebration cake in Palia. This cake makes being a cook a viable career option in this game.

Here’s how you can cook a Celebration cake in Palia

The first thing you need to do is to get the recipe for the Celebration cake from Reth when you reach level 9 cooking. Now, once you do this, you will unlock this dish. The following are all of the items needed to make it:

  • Milk
  • Egg(3)
  • Flour(3)
  • Blueberry Jam/Apple Jam(3)
  • Sweet Leaf(4)
  • Butter(4)
  • Blueberry

Alright, now that you have collected all of these above-mentioned items, it is time to cook. Make sure to have at least two prep stations, a standard oven, and a mixing station. Utilizing all of these tools together is almost necessary to make this cake.

A good quality celebration can be sold between 387 to 471 Gold if not more. Keep in mind, having three ovens is going to be very advantageous for players who want to sell a lot of Celebration cakes at once. Besides, putting the cakes through a Glow Worm Farm will increase their price exponentially.

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