Fortnite Pump - One of the best shotgun in Fortnite

Is the Pump back in Fortnite?

Fortnite players have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Pump Shotgun, a formidable weapon that dominated the close-range meta in previous seasons. With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, there were hopes that Epic Games would bring back this fan-favorite weapon. In this guide, we share details on whether the Fortnite Pump shotgun is back in the game.

As the season progresses, players should stay vigilant for any updates or surprises from Epic Games to know about all the information.

Read on to find out whether the Fortnite Pump shotgun is back in the game.

Is the Pump back in Fortnite?

The answer is no. Players will have to wait a little bit longer for the Pump Shotgun to make its comeback. Despite the anticipation, Epic Games has decided to keep the Pump Shotgun vaulted for the time being, disappointing many players. Instead, the new season introduces four brand-new weapons to the loot pool: the Thermal DMR, Flapjack Rifle, Cybertron Cannon, and Kinetic Boomerang. While these weapons offer exciting gameplay opportunities, they do not fill the void left by the absence of the Pump Shotgun.

The Alternatives to the Pump Shotgun

Although the Pump Shotgun is missing from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, players have several other close-range weapons to choose from. The Drum Shotgun, which has been unvaulted, quickly establishes itself as a dominant force in the new meta. Additionally, Epic Games has introduced the Mythic variant of the Drum Shotgun to compensate for the absence of the Pump Shotgun.

Furthermore, players can continue to rely on the Havoc Pump Shotgun, Maven Shotgun, Heisted Breacher Shotgun, and Heisted Accelerant Shotgun, which carried over from the previous season. These weapons provide players with familiar options for close-quarters combat.

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