How to respawn in Lethal Company - players staying on their ship.

Lethal Company respawn – how to do it

Are you trying to respawn in Lethal Company but can’t figure out how? Let’s go through everything you need to know to get back in the game. If you die during a run, you’ll end up spectating your teammates. Especially if you died during the first minute, this will feel frustrating. As a result, many players are wondering if there’s a way to get revived, or if you can do anything while spectating. Let’s go through what you should know.

How to respawn in Lethal Company

How to respawn in Lethal Company - player carrying a box of bottles.

To respawn in Lethal Company, your teammates must put the ship in orbit by pulling the lever or they must all die. Overall, the only way to respawn is when you and your teammates complete the current exploration mission.

Unfortunately, if you die during the first few minutes, you’ll need to wait until your teammates decide to leave the planet or die. Once they pull the lever to leave and the ship is in orbit, you will respawn automatically.

Additionally, as you’re spectating, you won’t be able to interact with anything. Your teammates can’t hear you via the in-game chat. Only other dead players can hear you. Thus, there’s not much you can do once you die other than wait. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to go get a snack.

To summarize, you can only respawn in Lethal Company once the ship is in orbit, after completing or failing a mission. While your ship is landed on a moon, you won’t be able to respawn. You must wait for your teammates to leave or die. Also, you can’t help your team in any way, so all you can do is wait. Before leaving, if you’re looking to spend some time waiting to respawn, here’s our guide on how to open doors with the Terminal and our list of the best mods in Lethal Company.

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