Lethal Company more players mod - entering a building with other players.

Lethal Company more players mod – how to add it

Are you trying to mod Lethal Company to fit more players? Here’s everything you need to know about modding and how to set it up. Every game is fun with more players, and Lethal Company is no exception. While the normal max player count is four, you can easily increase that. Just keep in mind that more players equals more havoc unless you have really good management skills and can organize everyone. Thus, if you’re looking to rush into the main building with 20 or more other people, here’s how to do it.

Lethal Company more players mod - standing on the ship with seven other players.

How to add more players in Lethal Company with a mod

To add more players in Lethal Company with mods, you must download either the BiggerLobby mod or the MoreCompany mod. The former allows you to have up to 40 players in your lobby while the latter caps on 32 players. Compared to the base max of four players, you’ll have way too many slots available.

Once you’ve decided, here’s where you can download BiggerLobby and MoreCompany.

Just keep in mind that to download either of these mods, you must first download BepInExPack and LC API. For specific instructions on these mods, check out our guide on how to increase server size in Lethal Company. Also, it’s important that all players download these mods, not just the host. If you don’t download it, you won’t be able to join the lobby.

If you can fill a lobby with 40 players, I’m curious as to what you’ll do first. Maybe you’ll be able to get to Titan on Day 2 and loot everything there within the first few hours. The voice chat is definitely going to be a bit messy though. Lastly, since you’ll have a lot of players joining, consider also adding the LateCompany mod. It allows players to join a lobby after the game starts.

In conclusion, you can add more players in Lethal Company with the Bigger Lobby or MoreCompany mod. These will increase your lobby size to 40 or 32 players respectively, which is more than enough to fit everyone you want. Just keep in mind that every player must download the mod to join the server. At the moment, there’s no way to go over 40 players but there also is no reason to do it. Even with 40 players, the game becomes extremely messy as it’s almost impossible to coordinate with everyone. For more similar content, here’s how to respawn in Lethal Company and how to use the Terminal to open doors.

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