How to move stuff in Lethal Company - moving the filing cabinet around.

Lethal Company move stuff – how to do it

Are you looking for a way to move stuff around in Lethal Company? Here’s how to move, store, and rotate furniture and items. Overall, it’s important to make your ship as comfortable as possible. This includes placing everything in a convenient way. You can either keep it simple and remove all unnecessary items or you can fill it with unique furniture to make it more fun and cozy. Thankfully, there are a lot of ship customization options and you can make your ship stand out. Let’s see how.

How to move stuff in Lethal Company - placing the terminal in the left corner of the ship, next to the monitor.

How to move stuff in Lethal Company

To move stuff in Lethal Company, go next to the object you want to move and press ‘B’ on your keyboard. Move it to the location you want and once its model is green, press ‘B’ again to confirm its new location.

The best part is that you can move almost anything on the ship. This includes the bunk bed in the corner, the storage locker, and even the Terminal. Of course, this also includes any furniture and decoration items that you purchase from the store.

Additionally, you can rotate items by pressing ‘R’ while you’re moving them. This will allow you to place them in a way that suits you. For instance, you can place the Terminal right in the corner to have all consoles next to each other.

How to store and replace items

Another useful feature to make your ship less crammed is storing items. You can store stuff by selecting them with ‘B’ and then pressing ‘X’. This will place them in your ship’s storage and they won’t take up space anymore.

If you change your mind and want to replace them, you can access the ship’s storage by typing ‘storage’ at the Terminal and then typing the name of the furniture you want to replace, as seen on the Terminal screen. Overall, the Terminal is an essential tool in the game as it can do a lot of different actions. For more, here’s how to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company.

To summarize, move stuff in Lethal Company by pressing ‘B’ to select them, ‘R’ to rotate them, ‘B’ again to place them in the new location, and even ‘X’ to place them in storage and keep them out of your way. With the right placement, you can free up a lot of space on your ship. Alternatively, you can choose to fill it with furniture and make it more cozy. Before leaving, if you want to spice up your multiplayer experience, here’s how to add the more players mod in Lethal Company and play with up to 40 (!) players.

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