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Wild Hearts Lightstone – where to find it

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Wild Hearts is an exciting monster-hunting game that offers players an action-packed adventure. Players take on the role of a hunter, setting out into the world to battle monsters and collect valuable items. In this guide, we will take you through where to find Wild Hearts Lightstone.

As you complete quests and gain experience points, you can level up your hunter and increase their power. The game features a wide variety of monsters, each with unique abilities and strategies. Players can choose from a variety of weapons and equipment to aid them in their quests. 

With a variety of challenges to conquer and rewards to earn, Wild Hearts is sure to provide hours of thrilling monster-hunting fun. So, let’s find out where you can find the Wild Hearts Lightstone!

Where to find the Wild Hearts Lightstone

Lightstone is one of the resources that players will need for crafting better gear. You can find it only in a specific location in the game, which is the Fuyufusagi Fort. So, it’s important to note the ore’s spawn locations for quick access. 

You can use materials such as ores and parts from the Kemono to craft armor. Upgraded versions require better parts. You can mix armor too, allowing you to craft and equip better gear as you unlock it, similar to the Monster Hunter series. Crafting is done in the Workshop, which is unlocked at certain points in the game. The Workshop allows you to assemble items from the resources you’ve collected and unlock new recipes over time.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find the necessary ores for crafting if you know where to look. That’s all you need to know about where to find Lightstone in Wild Hearts. 

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