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Wild Hearts pointed scale – how to get it

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Wild Hearts offers a diverse selection of monsters, each with its own special abilities and tactics. Players can equip themselves with a range of weapons and gear to help them in their quest, as well as spells and abilities to bolster their combat prowess. In this guide, we will take you through how to get the Wild Hearts pointed scale.

In the monster-hunting game, you can customize your hunter with a variety of costumes and accessories to make a unique impression. The game also features an expansive multiplayer mode, allowing players to join forces with their friends and tackle the toughest monsters as a team. 

With a variety of challenges to conquer and rewards to be earned, the Monster Hunter-like game offers hours of exciting fun! Let’s find out where you can get the Wild Hearts pointed scale.

How to get the Wild Hearts pointed scale

Hunting Kemonos can be challenging, especially when you need to gather a specific item for crafting. The Pointed Scale is one of many items you can collect to use as crafting materials. You’ll find them in various places across the map, but you’ll have to wait until Chapter 2. This is the place where you unlock the Akikura Canyon.

Once you arrive at the Akikura Canyon, look for Nightshade Monitos – small, lizard-like Kemonos. You’ll need to defeat them to get the Pointed Scale. You can also get a Lizard Bloom material from them by petting them, but only killing them will drop the Pointed Scales. Alternatively, you can find Pointed Scales in Fuyufusagi Fort by killing Shardshower Monitors.

So, if you need Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts, you know where to go! For crafting, visit Akikura Canyon and Fuyufusagi Fort – there are plenty of Monitors to fight and collect from. Happy hunting! Make sure to check out some of our other game guides such as how to complete Clean Energy Goat Simulator 3 and Do Rocks Respawn In Stranded Deep?