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Wild Hearts endgame – what to do after completing

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Wild Hearts is an action RPG built around the challenge of taking down big monsters. So once you’ve defeated all the monsters, you might be wondering what’s next. In this Wild Hearts endgame guide, we will take you through what you can do after completing the game. 

The game offers modified, higher-level versions of the beasts from the main story, you have a reason to keep grinding for better gear and weapons.

So, let’s find out what the Wild Hearts endgame path looks like right now!

What to do after completing the game – Wild Hearts endgame

The first challenge you’ll face in the Wild Hearts endgame is the emergence of the Volatile Kemono. The new versions of familiar creatures have taken in way too much Celestial Thread. So, these advanced monsters are sure to have some new tricks, and you’ll need tougher equipment to deal with them.

Defeating Volatile Kemono will reward you with unique crafting materials and mysterious Keystones. Once you’ve beaten a Volatile Kemono and collected enough Keystones, you can challenge even more powerful versions of the beasts.

Next, you can defeat Deeply Volatile Kemono. These will award incredibly powerful talismans, giving you the chance to equip new abilities and passive boosts. You’ll have to repeat this step multiple times to get the materials you need for the perfect build.

Wild Hearts is set to receive a wealth of post-launch updates, further expanding the game’s end-game content. Here’s what’s planned for March:

  • Hellfire Laharback (Deeply Volatile Kemono): A new quest and talisman
  • Grimstalker (Kemono): A new quest, themed weapons, and armor types
  • High-difficulty quests
  • An emote
  • A chat stamp

That’s all for this Wild Hearts endgame guide, until we get new information on what’s coming in Update 2. So far, the end-game looks like it will involve tuned versions of monsters we’ve fought before, as well as some new faces for the first post-release update.

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