Dead Space remake suit locations explained Isaac with hands on helmet

Dead Space remake suit locations explained

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In the new chapter in the Dead Space series, it is possible to upgrade your suit by collecting the schematics needed. So let’s find out all the Dead Space remake suit locations!

While the plot of Dead Space has remained the same, there is an alternate ending that you can unlock. The devs have added this to the remake for the players to find as they defend themselves against monsters. 

The aliens on the spaceship can be dangerous, so you need to protect yourself. In this guide, we will take a look at all the Dead Space remake suit locations!

Where to find all suit locations in Dead Space remake

There are six different suits that you can unlock in the game. They basically work as a suit of armor, protecting you from hits that you take from enemies. While the first suit is free, you will need to find the others, if you want to change out of the default one.

Below, you will find the locations for all the suit schematics:

  • Level 1 Suit: Unlocked by default. 
  • Level 2 Suit: Purchase for 10,000 Credits in the first Store, immediately after Chapter 1 concludes. 
  • Level 3 Suit: In the EVA Prep Room, after you take the elevator to Captain’s Nest in Chapter 4. Purchase for 20,000 credits in the Store.
  • Level 4 Suit: In the Equipment Workshop near the SOS beacon in Chapter 7. Purchase for 35,000 credits.
  • Level 5 Suit: In the Locker Room in the Crew Quarters in Chapter 10. Purchase for 60,000 credits.
  • Level 6 Suit: Purchase for 99,000 Credits in any Store in the New Game+ mode. 

With the Schematics system of Dead Space, you need to find the blueprint for the suit in the game. Then, you need to bring it to the shop in order to purchase the actual suit. 

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