Dead Space remake shooting range – how to beat

Dead Space remake shooting range – how to beat

The Dead Space Remake has been recently released as a revamped version of the original 2008 game. The horror survival genre is thriving as fans across the globe are ecstatic at the revival of one of their favorites. In this guide, we will show you how to beat the Dead Space remake shooting range

The devs have made some major improvements to the game, which have improved the immersive experience for players. The reviews for the remake have been, overall, quite positive.

There are some achievements that you can get in the game as well, and one of them involves the shooting range. Keep reading to find out how you can beat the Dead Space remake shooting range!

How to beat the shooting range in Dead Space remake

The shooting range comes a bit late in the game, in Chapter 8: Search and Rescue. You will be exploring the Valor in this chapter, and unavoidably come across the shooting range area. It is not required to get into it to finish the game, so you can move on to Chapter 9, but then you’d be missing out on the challenge. Note that you cannot replay chapters in Dead Space, so you will need to replay the whole game, if you miss something.

To play the shooting range, you will need to find and activate the kiosk in front of it. Pick up some Pulse Rifle ammo nearby as red and blue holograms that appear in front of you. However, you should hold your fire.

After a few moments, a swarm of Necromorphs will enter the room, and you will need to kill them. It’s quite an easy challenge, but not if you get distracted by the holograms initially and use up all your ammo. You need to save the bullets for the real enemy here – the Necromorphs. 

Once you have cleared them all, the lockers around you will open up and you can collect the items inside. You have also won yourself the Front Toward Enemy achievement.

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