One Piece Odyssey natural underground enemies talking to a character

One Piece Odyssey natural underground enemies guide

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If you like strange elastic pirates, well we are sure you will love One Piece Odyssey. Anime fans and RPG lovers alike will enjoy the turn-based JRPG, where you can complete a lot of quests. Let’s look at how to complete one of them, here is our guide on how to solve the One Piece Odyssey Natural Underground Enemies quest!

In One Piece Odyssey, you will need to complete quests to progress through the main story. There are some side quests as well, which you can do for extra rewards.

So, if you’re looking to finish the game, you should find out how to do all the quests. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the One Piece Odyssey Natural Underground Enemies quest!

How to complete the natural underground enemies quest in One Piece Odyssey

The Natural Underground Enemies mission is a die quest where you will need to make your way to the Water Seven City Area. There is an NPC waiting for you here, and you will find them east of the area. Interact with the Frightened Man and he will give you the quest.

As part of this quest, you will need to dive underground in the Water Seven City Area and fight some mice. The Frightened Man is actually a Franky Family Follower and he wants you to get rid of them. Speak to another one of these guys near the manhole cover which leads down to the sewers. You will need to take the elevator down to Basement Level 2 of the sewers. 

The Berserk Wicked Mice will be waiting for you here, so you should prepare for the fight. They are weak to Power so you can use that to your advantage. Once you have defeated them all, you can go back to the quest giver. You will get the rewards of Mouse Repellant and 36,000 Berries.

That’s all you need to do to complete the Natural Underground Enemies quest in One Piece Odyssey! Feel free to check out our other guides such as Tavern Troubles and all grand line quiz answers.