Immortals of Aveum characters - Kirkan, Zendara, and Devyn

Immortals of Aveum characters guide

Immortals of Aveum is a captivating story-driven magic shooter game where heroes with extraordinary abilities battle for control of magic. At the heart of this thrilling adventure lies a group of elite battlemages known as the Immortals. In this guide, we will introduce you to each of the Immortals of Aveum characters, their unique backgrounds, and their magical abilities in the game. 

As you embark on your journey through the game, remember to embrace each hero’s unique abilities and captivating stories. 

Join us as we are going to introduce the available Immortals of Aveum characters, including their abilities.

Immortals of Aveum characters

Here are all the characters available in the game:


A young and destitute individual from the streets of Seren had once lived a powerless existence. However, everything changed when he unexpectedly manifested magical abilities later in life, earning him the title of an Unforeseen. Despite facing ire and distrust from those with noble lineages, Jak was recruited into the Immortals by Lucium’s Grand Magnus Kirkan.

Jak possesses an exceedingly rare gift – the ability to wield all three colors of magic. This makes him a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of harnessing the powers of fire, water, and earth. While initially reluctant, Jak embraces his newfound potential and embarks on a path of great adventure and responsibility.


General Kirkan, the Grand Magnus of the Immortals and the King’s Marshall of Lucium’s defenses is a seasoned veteran of the Everwar. With forty years of experience in the field, Kirkan not only discovered Jak but also played a vital role in recruiting him into the Immortals. He serves as Jak’s personal mentor and guide.

Kirkan possesses the unique ability to wield both green and blue magic, making him a Diarch Magnus. This mastery over two colors of magic grants him a wide range of skills and tactics, making him an invaluable asset to the Immortals.


Hailing from the mountainous region of Kalthus, Zendara rarely speaks of her royal heritage but occasionally leverages her influence when necessary. Strong-willed, impatient, and unforgiving, she reluctantly assumes the role of Jak’s field commander within the Immortals.

Zendara is a master of red magic, channeling the powers of fire and passion. With her fiery spells and strategic prowess, she leads the Immortals with determination, pushing them to achieve victory in the face of adversity.


Devyn, the youngest green master in Lucium’s history, exudes wit, erudition, and natural leadership. Born into a wealthy merchant family, Devyn spent most of his life studying at the prestigious Palathon. Fascinated by Jak’s humble origins, he finds a profound connection with the street urchin-turned-hero.

As a master of green magic, Devyn harnesses the powers of nature and growth. His deep understanding of the mystical green arts allows him to manipulate the environment, heal wounds, and summon creatures to aid him in battle.


Sandrakk, the tyrant of Rasharn, has become Lucium’s archenemy, pushing the kingdom and its allies to the brink of war. Years of political conflict and fighting over magic have fueled the deep-seated hatred between the two nations.

Like Jak, Sandrakk is a Triarch Magnus, capable of wielding all three colors of magic. This rare and formidable ability grants him immense power and makes him a formidable adversary.


Kenzie, a spirited sky-nomad, harbors a deep disdain for the Everwar and Aveum’s military powers. Her homeland, Oremen, was destroyed, leaving only floating islands and chunks of rock behind. Despite her tragic past, Kenzie’s determination remains unyielding.

Kenzie is a master of red magic, utilizing her connection to fire and passion to unleash devastating spells. Her agility and resourcefulness make her a formidable combatant, as she effortlessly navigates the treacherous skies of Aveum.

The Hand

A High Magnus in the Order of Masks, The Hand is a master of blue magic and serves as Sandrakk’s most trusted lieutenant. She is the champion of Rasharn and fights using lightning raids across Lucium’s borders. This has earned her the fear and hostility of the Immortals.


Thaddeus, a skilled treasure hunter who wields two spells simultaneously, has gained extensive knowledge about Aveum during his time in the Order of the Immortals. However, a major issue arises as Thaddeus abruptly enters a state of self-imposed exile several years ago, leaving everyone clueless about his current whereabouts.


Rook, the leader of the Aelori people, possesses a demon-like appearance that instills fear in others. However, they are not mindless monsters; instead, they possess intelligence. Centuries ago, humans wronged them, resulting in their banishment beneath the earth for selfish reasons. Their ability to suck magic as a source of sustenance primarily instills fear in others.

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