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Is Immortals of Aveum multiplayer?

In the world of first-person shooters, Immortals of Aveum promises a unique twist. Developed by Ascendant Studio and published by EA, this game offers a fresh take on the genre by focusing on magic rather than traditional weapons. While the game offers an immersive and captivating single-player experience, fans may be wondering if there are any multiplayer or co-op modes available. In this article, we will answer the question – Is Immortals of Aveum multiplayer?

Players will take on the role of Jak, a battlemage, as he battles the oppressive regime of the Rasharnian and attempts to stop the Everwar that has torn apart the five kingdoms of Aveum. 

Read on to find the answer to your question – Is Immortals of Aveum multiplayer?

Is Immortals of Aveum multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Immortals of Aveum does not feature any multiplayer or co-op modes. This may come as a surprise to many players, especially considering the experience of the developers at Ascendant Studio, who include veterans from the Call of Duty franchise. 

The game’s design aims to provide players with a fully immersive single-player experience, enabling them to engage with the captivating story and gameplay without any distractions from multiplayer elements. While this may disappoint some fans who were hoping for multiplayer modes, it also ensures that the focus remains on delivering a compelling and immersive single-player adventure.

It’s worth noting that Ascendant Studio has not confirmed whether a multiplayer mode will be introduced in the future as post-launch content. However, based on the current information available, it seems unlikely that multiplayer or co-op modes will be added to Immortals of Aveum.

The impact on gameplay and pricing

The absence of multiplayer or co-op modes means that players will solely rely on their own skills and strategies to navigate the game’s challenges. The single-player focus allows for a more personalized experience, where players can fully immerse themselves in the story and make decisions that impact the outcome of the game. This can lead to a more intimate and emotionally invested gameplay experience.

However, the lack of multiplayer modes may also affect the game’s value for some players. With a price tag of $69.99, some players may question whether the absence of multiplayer content justifies the full price. It ultimately depends on individual preferences and the importance of multiplayer features in their gaming experience. For those who enjoy single-player adventures without the potential distractions of multiplayer elements, Immortals of Aveum offers a compelling and immersive journey.

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