Palia Heartwood – where to find and get Characters chopping down a tree

Palia Heartwood – where to find and get

Wood is an essential resource that is required to upgrade and craft many of the items in Palia. Having plenty of them will make the process way faster and more efficient, so you will need to make sure you have a great Axe and start chopping. However, certain types of wood, such as Heartwood, will be trickier to find, so this article will tell you exactly how you can get Heartwood in Palia.

Although not rare, you may still have missed this wood due to its obviousness. Sometimes the answers are looking us in the eye, and we still look elsewhere. Don’t worry; once you recognize which tree to chop, finding it the next time will become a breeze.

Keep reading to find out how you can acquire Heartwood in Palia. Once you know how to find them, you will never run out of them.

Palia Heartwood – where to find and get Character cutting down a small tree

How to find Heartwood in Palia?

To get Heartwood, you will need to travel to Bahari Bay and start chopping down Evergreen Trees. These are the trees with green leaves, and you need to use an upgraded Axe, at least a Standard one.

They will be all over the place there, so get ready to acquire a lot of them. By cutting down an Evergreen Tree, you will get almost 14 Heartwood. Alternatively, many of the glowing purple trees also drop Heartwood.

The Standard Axe suffers from a high durability loss, so the moment you get some Heartwood, use it to upgrade it to a Fine Axe. With this Axe, you will be able to chop down a large amount of Evergreen Trees pretty smoothly. So don’t stick to the Standard Axe when you have a better option. The following is the recipe for the Fine Axe:

  • Heartwood Plank (10)
  • Iron Bar (5)
  • Standard Axe

Hopefully, now you will maximize your inventory with Heartwood. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as Palia gifts for villagers – the best ones and Palia farm layout – the best farm layout explained.