A very old grocery list Palia – how to complete the quest Robot character being happy about something

A Very Old Grocery List Palia – how to complete the quest

While exploring the world of Palia, you will definitely encounter random quests that will pop up once you grab a certain item. This is a great way to not only encourage exploration but also provide rewards to players who are doing it. One of these found quests is called The Great Human Bake Off, which gets triggered once you pick up the A Very Old… Grocery List? In Palia.

This is a quest that will test your cooking skills, so get ready to use your stove. Additionally, you will unlock a pretty delicious recipe, which is always great, as having a variety of consumables will help you out when you are hungry.

Keep reading to find out how to complete The Great Human Bake Off quest after finding A Very Old… Grocery List in Palia.

A very old grocery list Palia – how to complete the quest Character mixing ingredients

How to complete A Very Gold Grocery List quest in Palia?

To find this grocery list, you will have to travel to the Flooded Steps and look for it on the southwest side of this location. It will be in a mound, so pick it from there, and while it’s in your inventory, read it. This will trigger the Great Human Bake Off quest.

Now, you will need some context regarding what you need to do with this grocery list. Well, to get some more information, you will need to find a character who knows a lot about dishes in the world of Palia.

So find and talk to Hekla. She generally hangs out with Jina. You can try to look for her near the Locked Ruins or the Night Sky Temple. Once you talk to her, Hekla will tell you that this is an ancient grocery list with ingredients to make Macarons, and she suggests you make them.

Making Macarons

The following are all the ingredients mentioned in the grocery list for making Human Macarons:

  • Milk (1)
  • Flour (1)
  • Egg (1)
  • Sweet Leaf (1)

You will need at least two Mixing Stations. Mixing the Ingredients won’t take long, so after you make some Macarons, talk to Hekla again. The second you do this, you will have completed this quest.

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