Palia Heartdrop Lily – where to find and get Character walking into a town center

Palia Heartdrop Lily – where to find and get

Romancing characters is a big part of Palia’s appeal. And why wouldn’t it be? You are constantly doing so many quests for them and getting to know them better that it makes sense for romance to blossom. Well, as long as you give them a Heartdrop Lily. This is an item that basically opens up the romance path for the NPC who is receiving it, so if you don’t give it to them, you will stay in the perpetual friendzone. This article will tell you its exact location and how you can get a Heartdrop Lily in Palia.

If you don’t romance a character, you will miss out on their romance questlines. So, if you are someone who wants the most out of this game, then don’t avoid giving Heartdrop Lily to your favorite NPC.

Keep reading to find out how you can acquire Heartdrop Lily in Palia. This gift will really help you romance them.

Palia Heartdrop Lily – where to find and get Character looking at a flower

How to find Heartdrop Lily in Palia?

Heartdrop Lilies can be generally found at the edges of the Statue Garden area in Bahari Bay. This is a very rare flower, so you will have to spend a significant chunk of your time finding it. However, to increase your chances, go look for them at night, as they have a strange glow that is very visible in the dark. Furthermore, from the Statue Garden area travel to the north side of this place and climb up the hills. You have a very high chance of finding them there.

Alternatively, you can get Heartdrop Lily for 20 Foraging Medals from the Foraging Guild Store. Or you can even get it as a reward for completing the quest Fishing for Answers. This flower is of Epic Rarity, and you can gift it to the character you want to romance after reaching Friendship Level 3 with them.

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