Palia Duskwing Butterfly – where to find and get Character looking up while walking through the woods

Palia Duskwing Butterfly – where to find and get

Bug catching is a very fun side activity in Palia. You will be exploring every single location in the game just so that you can catch a bug. The Duskwing Butterfly totally falls into the category of difficult bugs to catch though. This article will tell you all about this elusive bug, and hopefully, you will be able to capture a Duskwing Butterfly in Palia.

This beautiful butterfly only comes out during a specific time period of the day and can only be found fluttering in a particular area. Without knowing them, you will have very little chance of even seeing them.

So, keep reading this article to learn where you can capture a Duskwing Butterfly in Palia. Understanding the behavior of this bug will give you a huge advantage.

Palia Duskwing Butterfly – where to find and get Character about to collect a butterfly

Where to find the Duskwing Butterfly in Palia?

To find the Duskwing Butterfly, you will have to travel to Maji’s Hollow in Kilima Valley. However, you will also have to consider your timings, as they only seem to appear between 3 AM to 6 PM.

The Dusking Butterfly visually looks pretty striking with its dark blue color and crescent moon-like spots on its wings. Because of this design, you will be able to identify more easily during the morning time than at night.

You should look around the forest near the Dragon Shrine, and when it comes to Smoke Bomds, the standard smokes will work to subdue them; however, they will try to run away, so you will have to throw several Smoke Bomds at them before you are able to capture them. You sell them for 34 gold, and if you have a star-quality one, it will go for 51 Gold.

The capturing process is equally addictive, as you will be throwing smoke bombs to basically tame them. But it’s not all fun and games, cause some of these bugs are not always that easily accessible. To give you a heads up, several of them are so rare that they feel more like a myth than an actual creature.

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