Blasphemous 2 Fervent kiss - Locating the item

Blasphemous 2 Fervent Kiss guide – all locations

In Blasphemous 2, numerous collectibles and secrets are waiting to be discovered. These collectibles play a crucial role in enhancing your gameplay experience by providing various benefits. Increased healing item effectiveness, expanded maximum HP and MP, and more. One such collectible is the Fervent Kiss, which catalyzes upgrading your Fervour. In this guide, we will unveil the locations of all the Blasphemous 2 Fervent Kiss items.

These locations may pose a challenge to reach, but the rewards they offer are well worth the effort.

Continue reading to find out the location of all the Blasphemous 2 Fervent Kiss items.

All Fervent Kiss locations in Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2 offers a total of five Fervent Kiss items scattered throughout its expansive map. These items hold the key to upgrading your Fervour, making them assets that you definitely need to take with you. Let’s delve into the locations of these Fervent Kiss items and the steps required to reach them.

Fervent Kiss #1: Palace of Embroideries

The first Fervent Kiss can be found in the Palace of Embroideries, located to the right of the City of the Blessed Name. To obtain this item, head to the right side of the palace on the second level.

Be way of the falling chandeliers, avoid them and make your way to the middle of the room, where the Fervent Kiss awaits. However, acquiring this item won’t be an easy feat, as enemies will spawn and block your exit. Defeat them to claim your prize.

Fervent Kiss #2: Elevated Temples

The second Fervent Kiss awaits above the City of the Blessed Name in the Elevated Temples. To reach this location, navigate to the left of the temple. Stick to the left wall and descend, aiming a bit to the right. Eventually, you’ll come across the Fervent Kiss on top of a small platform. Unlike the previous Fervent Kiss, this one can be obtained without engaging in a battle. Simply pick it up. That’s how easy it is, strange huh?

Fervent Kiss #3: Repose of the Silent One

The third Fervent Kiss can be found in the Repose of the Silent One, located to the left of the City of the Blessed Name. To reach this item, head to the upper left area that connects to the next region.

As you progress through the corridor to the next region, you’ll spot the Fervent Kiss waiting for you. Fortunately, this one doesn’t require a battle either. Seize the opportunity and take it with you.

Fervent Kiss #4: Street of Wakes

The fourth Fervent Kiss demands a bit more time and effort. Life is not always easy. Make your way to the Street of Wakes and head towards the upper left portion of the area. This expansive and open area will put your jumping skills to the test.

Locate the statue and leap towards it. Activate the statue to move the mirror, allowing you to jump and dash to the right onto another mirror. Follow this chain of mirrors until you reach a platform where the Fervent Kiss awaits.

Fervent Kiss #5: Two Moons

The fifth and final Fervent Kiss is the most challenging. You will find it in Two Moons. This area is divided into an upper and lower region, connected by fountains. Begin at the upper right fountain, activate it and you will find yourself in an upside-down version of the area. Navigate to the right and locate a statue that will move a platform upwards.

Return to the fountain and reactivate it to return to the normal orientation. Follow the designated route, activating fountains along the way, until you reach a platform you raised earlier. Drop down to the left, revealing a secret area containing the last Fervent Kiss.

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