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Chained Echoes Amalia cooking quest – how to complete

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JPRG Chained Echoes is a turn-based game created by Matthias Linda. There are so many different quests and things to do. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Amalia Cooking Quest in Chained Echoes.

Some of the quests in the JRPG can be completed for money and rewards, others just if you’re curious. Generally, these will help you to progress through the story and learn more about how to bring an end to the war in Valandis.

If you need a little help with completing the Amalia Cooking Quest in Chained Echoes, that’s what this guide is about!

How to complete Amalia cooking quest In Chained Echoes

Quests are an essential element of any RPG. Chained Echoes has main quests as well as various side quests that are fun to play. In one of the side quests called Amalia Cooking, you will be playing as the character Amalia. 

The first thing you need to do for this quest is to talk to your party members as Amalia. This is because the members are quite tense, and Amalia wants to do something about it. She will start the conversation only at Hermit’s Isle, so you need to make your way there. You should have Tomke and Mikah recruited prior to this, so that they are available for a chat.

Head back to Amalia’s room where she will talk with her dog Cres. Eventually, she will decide to cook dinner for everyone to cheer them up. Consult your party members on what they would like to have. You will get hints during the chat.

Here are the members that you need to pick for the courses of the dinner:

  • Appetizer: Mikah, or Amalia
  • Main Dish: Robb
  • Dessert: Egyl
  • Drinks: Sienna

After selecting the right people, you will be playing as Glenn during the dinner. Talk to the chef and he will give you an Elixir as a reward for completing the quest.

So there you have it, that’s how to complete the Amalia Cooking Quest in Chained Echoes. If you’re struggling with other quests, feel free to check out our guides on how to complete A Goblin’s Dilemma and For the Love of Food. Or you can take a look at our full walkthrough for Chained Echoes.