Where to get fluxweed seeds Hogwarts Legacy hogsmeade shopkeeper

Where to get fluxweed seeds Hogwarts Legacy

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have a ton of things to do. Apart from attending classes and learning spells, you will be creating potions. Some of these potions require special ingredients. In this guide, we will show you the location of fluxweed seeds Hogwarts Legacy.

There are many ingredients across the open-world map, and you need to look for them. You can use fluxweed seeds to make the Focus Potion, which is useful in combat. The potion can reduce the cooldown of various spells in battle.

So, let’s find out how you can get some fluxweed seeds Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy – fluxweed seeds location

If you want to know how to get this particular ingredient in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re in the right place! You can either buy the fluxweed stem, or grow them yourself. To buy fluxweed seeds, you will need to make your way to The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade

The location of the shop is in the northwest corner of Hogsmeade. You can find it across the other side of the river. The stem will cost you 150 Galleons. This is the easiest way to get fluxweed seeds. However, there is a finite stock of them at the shop.

To grow fluxweed, you will first need to unlock the Room of Requirement. Then, buy the Large Pot item for the Potting Table. You can plant some seeds here to grow fluxweed. Once they have grown, you can simply harvest them. This is a cost-effective way of getting a lot of stems. While the seeds cost 300 Galleons, you will get more stems from each seed. 

Now you know where to get fluxweed seeds Hogwarts Legacy, go out there and collect them! If you’re interested in more guides, make sure to check out how to complete the quest ghost of our love and how to unlock lockpicking