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System Shock wire puzzles – how to solve them

Many fans are experiencing this classic for the first time, so it’s no surprise the game’s puzzles are confusing them. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to navigate through and solve the System Shock wire puzzles.

Experiencing these puzzles for the first time can be confusing, as the game doesn’t always explain them too well. Thankfully, these eventually become second nature and fans will be solving most of them in no time.

For now, here’s the general gist of the System Shock wire puzzles and how to solve them.

How to solve the System Shock wire puzzles

To solve the System Shock wire puzzles, players have to guide the energy to reach a specific destination. To get the energy moving, players need to flip switches and plug plugs to divert the energy to its goal.

Since these are puzzles, players will have their brains tested when partaking in these in-game challenges. Players will need to try out every specific combination available and that means carefully watching the energy and switches.

Certain puzzles are easier and harder than others, so players will need to think hard about what to do. As long as players don’t lose patience, they will eventually overcome these System Shock wire puzzles.

The puzzles being a bit too confusing shows that this remake is a product of its time. While it’s still a good game, many feel this one-to-one remake could have made things much more convenient.

Plenty of games have taken inspiration from System Shock, with Bioshock being the main culprit. The Bioshock games have even copied the wire puzzles, although they look more like tubes in their universe.

Once fans get used to these puzzles, they should be able to enjoy the remake for what it is. They might also appreciate seeing how much it influenced a bunch of modern games.

For now, that’s all we know about the System Shock wire puzzles. Check out our explanation of the mini-games in It Takes Two and the Miasma Chronicles characters.