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System Shock ID tags explained

Fans are enjoying this remake of an influential classic but there are a couple of new things confusing them. Now that the game has been available on PC, here’s what we know about the System Shock ID tags.

When playing the remake, fans get to find these ID tags from various corpses in Citadel Station. They can’t be turned in for recycling credits, though players can vaporize them for scrap if need be.

But are they important? Let’s discuss the System Shock ID tags.

What are the System Shock ID tags?

System Shock ID tags are simply small cameos from fans who have supported the remake on Kickstarter, by becoming backers. Beyond being nice little tributes, they don’t really contribute to the game’s story and aren’t needed for important quests.

Unfortunately, these cute bits of fan service don’t stack in your inventory and can take up needed space. Fans that want space for their more important items can simply be vaporized for scrap since even they are more useful.

Players will be able to recycle the scrap from these System Shock ID tags and get some credits for them. Recycling machines can be found in various areas in the game but they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Since currency can be used to get useful items in the game, we recommend players vaporize all ID tags. The game emphasizes how important it is to have storage, so any useless items like these are a hindrance.

Beyond turning them into scrap, these ID tags don’t have much use so players shouldn’t get too attached. Granted, this is a nice gesture but we think these fans are content with seeing their name in the credits.

Currently, the System Shock remake is only available on PC, with consoles getting the game later on. No release date for the other systems has been announced but they will likely keep these ID tags.

That’s all we have for you about this fantastic remake by Nightdive Studio. For more from Voxel Smash, check out our review of Stasis Bone Totem and how to solve that game’s sentry gun puzzle.