system shock medical armory code shodan menacingly looks at the player

System Shock medical armory code – what is it?

Revisiting a classic can often be frustrating, especially with all the quality-of-life improvements that modern gaming currently offers us. Finding out where the System Shock medical armory code is might actually be difficult, but we are after that sweet sweet reward.

Since this is a remake, many fans are trying to play it just like they played the original. However, that can lead to getting lost and not knowing where to go, especially if the reward isn’t worth it.

Now, here’s what we know about the System Shock medical armory code and if players should get it.

What is the System Shock medical armory code?

We know some of you might be impatient to find out the code, so here it is: the code for the medical armory is 705. This code doesn’t seem to be randomly generated, so most players can use this without having to worry.

Some players think that the code might be different if they choose to play on a different difficulty level. Currently, at the time of writing, reports indicate that that is not the case. Even if you play on the hardest level, the code seems to be the same all around. Players shouldn’t worry about this.

Getting this code can be a bit troublesome as it relies on a lot of exploration and getting lost around the way. While it can be fun to get lost for a bit, too much of that can be frustrating for some.

Essentially, players will need to find this code in an audio log, which already sounds annoying. Sure, some will argue that this is the true way to get it, but there’s no shame in using this method.

Whatever method you use, the reward for using this code is pretty good as it lets players shoot more enemies. Using the code unlocks the KE-41 capacity mod. This increases the player’s ammo count, and letting them have more bullets to shoot.

That’s all we know about getting the numbers for this classic remake. For more on System Shock, check out what ID tags do and how to solve the wire puzzles.