system shock scrap a huge robot looms over the player

System Shock scrap – how to recycle items

Having meaningless junk in a video game is pretty common, especially if your inventory is pretty big. One just collects everything in sight, you never know, right? So let’s look at how to avoid the problem and recycle the System Shock scrap, so perhaps we’ll get something out of it.

While this remake is almost one-to-one with the original game, having this feature shows it was ahead of its time. Sure, it’s still annoying getting lost in such a huge world, but small features like these are great.

So, without further ado, here’s how to recycle the System Shock scrap for more useful items in the game.

How to recycle System Shock scrap

Basically, what you might want to do if you have a lot of junk in your inventory is to take your scrap to a Recycling Station and you will get Tri-Credits in return. Despite the method being fairly easy, players will need at least 10 pieces of scrap to gain one Tri-Credits.

Anyone hoping to get the best items in this game will need plenty of Tri-Credits to make it out alive. Considering how large and expansive this experience can be, players will need as much aid – and money – as possible.

Thankfully, getting scrap in this game is pretty easy as any item can be turned into that with very little time. If the player has items that have no use or multiple useful items that are just laying around, simply click on it, open the menu, and pick “vaporize.”

Despite the limited inventory, the sheer amount of items players will get should suffice in the long run. Eventually, items won’t be useful anymore, and you will be able to turn them to scrap with no consequence.

Fans of this classic know that limited resources are part of the game’s appeal, hence, the small inventory. Constantly turning certain items into scrap is an important part of the horror game so players must do this.

Hopefully, that helps players going through this classic remake. For more on System Shock, check out the use of ID tags and solve wire puzzles.