valorant tier list all agents

Valorant tier list – all Agents ranked

Valorant, developed by Riot Games, has been climbing the ranks ever since its release in August 2020 as one of the best free to play first person shooters on the market. But, have you been looking for an updated Valorant tier list for the best ones to play at? Then we got you covered.

Whether you decide to play solo or on a team, this list will help you in knowing at a glance which are the best agents if you’re looking to climb the ranks as fast as possible. Generally, though, we’d recommend you find a good team to play with, rather than try to go off your own way which is definitely more difficult.

But let us get to the list, which is updated to the latest 5.03 patch. Read on below to see our Valorant tier list.

Valorant tier list – all agents ranked

Here are the best agents to play as, divided into different tiers:


The best agents to play as are Fade, Omen and Skye. Omen has been back and forth in other tiers, but now he’s back where he belongs, with Skye also improving over time and now deserving her place into the S-tier. Fade has also been revolutionized since one of the latest patches.


The agents in the A-tier list are Chamber, Brimstone, Yoru, Sova, Viper and Reyna. Chamber and Brimstone have both been improved over time, and now feature among the best agents to play as. But don’t forget about Yoru and also Reyna, if you’re looking to play as the lone wolf.


The B-tier list agents to play as are Jett, Breach, Neon, Killjoy, KAY/O, Raze, Sage. Unfortunately for Jett, she got nerfed in one of the latest patches, while Agent Breach is still an overall pretty solid choice to play as. KAY/O is still pretty strong overall, once being a S-tier agent. Also, don’t forget about Agent Sage’s medical abilities, as they are always handy in a fight.


The C-tier list agents to play as are Cypher and Astra. Cypher was once one of the most powerful agents around, but since losing some of his weapons, he definitely lost that place. Astra is an all-rounder and pretty good choice, but she was also nerfed and would need a lot of practice to be effective.


The one agent in D-tier is Phoenix, the most all-around average agent in Valorant for sure, even though he might still be a good choice for capable players.

We hope this information was useful if you’re still on the fence about which agent to play as in Valorant. We will also be sure to update this information as new patches come out and keep it as relevant as possible. While taking a break from Valorant, why not take a look at our Call of Duty or Redfall guides?