Everspace 2 best weapons guide spaceship about shoot a laser beam

Everspace 2 best weapons guide

Are you a gamer who loves space battles? Then Everspace 2 is a game you must try. It is the newest installment in this classic RTS series. You will be leading a giant army of spaceships and taking part in high-stakes space combat scenarios. However, to create winning strategies, you will have to understand the best primary weapons in Everspace 2 and which one you should rely on the most.

Primary weapons are very important in this game, and you have plenty of options to choose from. But this variety can pose a problem, as you will not know which weapon perfectly suits your playstyle. Some primary weapons may not even be suited for your strategies.

So, keep reading to find out about the best primary weapons in Everspace 2 that you can use to win every battle in this game.

Everspace 2 best weapons guide Spaceship flying through asteroids

These are the best primary weapons in Everspace 2

The following are all the best primary weapons that you can choose from:

1) Flak: This is a high kinetic energy damage-dealing weapon. The project that is fired will explode and spread the damage throughout the nearby area.  Thus, due to this aspect, you won’t have to worry about being accurate with your shots. It has 35 Kinetic DPs, 16.8 DPS, and a range of 22 meters. Get ready to demolish enemies from a long distance with this weapon.

2) Coil Gun: This is a high energy-consuming gun with amazing accuracy and damage. The projectiles fly with incredible speed towards enemies, and they can also fire rapidly. Making it a pretty useful weapon during tense situations and quick decision-making scenarios. You also have several variants of this gun, and it comes with 40 Kinetic DPS and an Energy DPS of 30.

3) Blaster: This weapon comes with high damage and rapid-fire abilities. If you want a weapon with maximum energy output, then Blasters are the way to go. They are reliable and work even better during close-range combat. It also uses rare energy-based quickfire disrupters, which makes it almost overpowered during battles. Remember to use the Umbra Variant.

4) Beam Laser: This is a weapon that fires a constant stream of high-damage beams, providing excellent kinetic and energy damage. In the darkness of space, it is very visible, and you can easily track its impact on the enemy. It has a range of 1300 meters, which is also quite impressive.

5) Autocannon: This is arguably the best mid-range weapon in Everspace 2. It shoots very strong and fast projectiles that can easily pierce armor and deal a high amount of kinetic damage. When it comes to its variant, go for the Final Reckoning. If this name does not convince, then the stats may, as this weapon boasts a range of 1150 meters, 18 Energy DPS, and 72 Kinetic DPS.

These are the best weapons in Everspace 2. However, as they all have their own unique qualities, make sure you choose the weapon that suits your playstyle. Choose wisely!

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