Everspace 2 tips and tricks - exploring the galaxy

Everspace 2 tips and tricks guide

Embark on an epic space adventure in Everspace 2, a thrilling combination of space shooter, intergalactic trade, and rogue-lite elements. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with essential Everspace 2 tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience and ensure your success in the galaxy.

With a vast world to explore and challenging combat encounters, new players may find themselves in need of some guidance. While the game’s tutorial sequence covers many mechanics, additional tips and tricks can help you navigate the stars more effectively.

Read on to find out the best Everspace 2 tips and tricks for enhanced gameplay.

Best tips and tricks for Everspace 2

Here are the best tips and tricks to become the master of the galaxy:

Explore each area thoroughly

Exploring each area thoroughly in Everspace 2 yields various valuable resources and materials. Keep an eye out for crystal deposits, ores, scrap metal, shipwrecks, and storage containers, as they often contain essential items for your journey. Collecting as much loot as possible is crucial since money and resources play a vital role in unlocking perks and acquiring gear to overcome tougher challenges.

Upgrading your Cargo Hold to increase storage capacity allows you to carry more items, and understanding supply and demand dynamics enables you to sell commodities for a profit. Be thorough in your scavenging efforts to ensure you have the necessary resources for success.

Select the right Weapon

In Everspace 2, selecting the right weapons for specific situations is vital to success. Each weapon in the game prioritizes either kinetic or energy damage, which corresponds to armor and shield damage, respectively. To optimize your effectiveness in combat, equip two different weapons that excel in different damage types. Switch between these weapons strategically during battles, utilizing the energy weapon for shield damage and the kinetic weapon for armor damage. 

This approach allows you to exploit enemy vulnerabilities and maximize your damage output. Additionally, managing the energy resource of each weapon becomes crucial, as using only one weapon will quickly deplete your energy reserves. Master the art of weapon selection to dominate your foes and conquer the challenges that await.

Get armor plating

In Everspace 2, it’s crucial to fortify your ship with plating as soon as possible. While Dax provides some plating after fixing his beanies, you can acquire better plating for free by visiting the trading post near Union Bridge and solving a small puzzle. By navigating around the rock that holds the trading outpost, retrieving an energy sphere, and plugging it into the socket near the landing pad, you can access a hatch leading to valuable Phase Plating.

As you progress in the game, ensure that you continually upgrade your plating or craft superior versions when available. Plating acts as a protective barrier between your ship’s shields and health, which can be regenerated by defeating enemies.

Engage in Crafting System

The crafting system in Everspace 2 is a powerful tool for modifying and upgrading your ship’s gear. By increasing the rarity and level of your equipment and adding catalysts, you can enhance their performance and unlock various benefits. 

To engage in crafting, you’ll need to acquire components from the game world or by dismantling unwanted equipment. This system allows you to fine-tune your loadout to suit your playstyle and tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Experiment with different combinations and upgrades to maximize the potential of your gear and gain an edge in combat and exploration.

Always Bring Nanobots

One of the fundamental tips for Everspace 2 is to always bring Nanobots with you when venturing into combat or exploring the vast universe. Nanobots serve as your ship’s repair kit, allowing you to restore its health and recover from the brink of destruction during intense battles. 

Additionally, they are useful for replenishing your ship’s health between encounters, minimizing the need for frequent visits to repair stations or shops. Nanobots can easily be restocked from shops or even found as loot while exploring, making them an essential resource in your spacefaring journey.

With these tips and tricks, you can master the vast galaxy of Everspace 2. Whether you’re engaging in intense combat encounters or navigating the intricacies of intergalactic trade, these strategies will enhance your gameplay experience and ensure your success.

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