system shock flight deck power node player holding a gun enters a room with lasers

System Shock flight deck power node – where is it?

Finding that one thing to progress through a game’s story can be difficult, especially if they’re remakes of old classics. Many are having a hard time finding the System Shock flight deck power node due to the game’s old-school design.

Since the original game was all about exploration, fans can theoretically keep looking around until they find it. However, that can be exhausting and might even force someone to just quit and move on to something else.

Without further ado, here’s all the information you need to find the System Shock flight deck power node.

How to find the System Shock flight deck power node

So, what you need to do first is reaching the Flight Deck on Level 5 by going through the maintenance door. From the Maintenance Elevator, take a left then go to the first door on the right. Another elevator in the door will take you to the Flight Deck.

Now, actually finding the Node on this floor might indeed be a bit tricky, so follow these instructions carefully:

  • Go to the left of the elevator and complete a junction box puzzle, which will activate a bridge
  • After crossing the bridge, go right and keep going through the corridor until you reach the Flight Bay door
  • Once you reach the end of the door, drop down to the sub-level
  • Keep going forward then walk through the pillars toward the energy fuel
  • Turn left at the refuel and you should reach the Power Node

Before destroying the node, make sure to take note of the red number as that will play a big role. For now, players can continue progressing through the story and seeing what other horrors await them in the game.

That’s what we know about this particular story section of the game and we hope players find it useful. Gamers that need help with System Shock can check out our guides on recycling scrap and medical armory code.