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Everspace 2 ships guide – the best ones

Everspace 2 is a captivating roguelike game that offers players a unique blend of 3D space shooting and immersive gameplay. As you embark on each run, you assume the role of a cloned pilot named Adam, navigating the treacherous Cluster 34. While encounters and loot drops may vary, your choice of Everspace 2 ships plays a pivotal role in determining your approach to every situation.

There are nine ships available in the game, each classified as heavy, medium, or light. Adding further complexity, each ship possesses its own distinct set of abilities, weapons, speeds, and shield strengths. A skilled pilot understands that their ship is the key to success.

So let’s explore the best Everspace 2 ships have to offer and discover which ones truly stand out from the rest.

Best ships in Everspace 2

Here are the best ships that you can use to get maximum success in the game: 

The Vindicator – Unleash the Power of Drones

The Vindicator, a heavy-class ship, stands out as one of the fastest vessels in its class. What truly sets it apart is its remarkable drone capabilities. Equipped with a swarm of attacking drones, the Vindicator possesses the Phalanx ability, allowing you to focus the drones on a single target. 

Additionally, the Reanimator passive skill enables you to salvage wreckage from fallen enemies, restoring any lost drones. The Vindicator excels in both power and enjoyment, making it a top choice for many pilots.

The Striker – Devastating Close Combat

True to its name, the Striker is a medium-class ship designed for close-quarters combat. Its Close Combat passive skill enhances weapon damage by 5% for all enemies within a 500-meter radius, with the potential to reach a maximum of 30%. The Striker’s ultimate ability, Quantum Tether, allows you to chain up to five enemy ships together, causing damage dealt to one ship to be applied to the others. If you prefer an aggressive playstyle, the Striker is an excellent option.

The Vanguard – Speed and Unparalleled Energy Regeneration

The Vanguard, a light-class ship, offers a perfect blend of speed and versatility. Its standout feature is the Overcharge passive skill, which overcharges the shields to 200% whenever the ship accelerates above normal speeds. 

This ensures enhanced survivability during intense battles. However, the Vanguard’s true uniqueness lies in its ultimate ability, the enigmatic Time Extender. While the description simply mentions bending the spacetime continuum around the ship, in reality, it instantly recharges all weapons and energy, proving invaluable in critical situations.

These three ships are widely regarded as the best in their respective weight classes, but personal preference also plays a significant role in ship selection. Some pilots may have a preference for heavy, medium, or light ships, while others enjoy mixing it up depending on the mission at hand.

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