How to get Aquamarine and Citrine in Fae Farm - Character mining with the special pickaxe ability.

Fae Farm Citrine and Aquamarine – How to get them

Are you looking to farm some rare gems that are used for crafting seals and making money? Here’s how to get Citrine and Aquamarine in Fae Farm.

If you’re trying to craft seals or activate fast-travel teleporters around the map, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll need to collect certain gems first, namely Citrine and Aquamarine. Additionally, collecting and selling these gems is a great way to make money.

In this guide, I will explain how to get Citrine and Aquamarine in Fae Farm to help you progress in the game and start crafting seals.

How to get Aquamarine and Citrine in Fae Farm - Character mining Citrine.
How to get and use Citrine in Fae Farm.

How to get Citrine and Aquamarine in Fae Farm

To get Citrine in Fae Farm, navigate to the Saltwater Mines and you’ll be able to find it between Floors 5 and 11. Specifically, the best floor for Citrine is Floor 8, as it has the highest chance of spawning Citrine compared to all other floors.

To get Aquamarine in Fae Farm, you must mine in Floors 15-21 in the Saltwater mines, with the best Floor being Floor 18.

Thankfully, they are fairly common on these floors. Additionally, each Citrine and Aquamarine node will grant you multiple gems, anywhere between 3-10.

Just make sure to be careful. As you go deeper into the mines, you’ll face more and tougher enemies. Take them on one by one and bring some health potions in case of need.

As for other minerals, you can find Peridot on floors 9-15 and Topaz on floors 21-24. The deeper you go, the more expensive the ore will be. Thus, the most valuable ore in Saltwater Mines is Topaz, which is one of the best early-game ways to farm gold.

How to get Aquamarine and Citrine in Fae Farm - Character mining Aquamarine.
How to get and use Aquamarine in Fae Farm.

Where to use Citrine and Aquamarine

After getting your hands on enough Citrine and Aquamarine in Fae Farm, you can either sell them for gold or use them to craft seals.

Specifically, each piece of Citrine will sell for 10G, while each piece of Aquamarine for 20G.

As for crafting, Citrine is used to make Hammered Copper Seals at the Seal Crafting Station, while Aquamarine is used for Hammered Iron Seals. Both seals are essential if you want to progress in the mines faster.

To craft each Seal, you will need 8 of the aforementioned minerals plus one seal of the previous grade (Copper Seal and Iron Seal respectively).

Also, while they fetch a great price when sold, make sure not to sell all of them. You will need some occasionally to complete Shipping Contracts and quests as well as for NPC gifts.

To summarize, you can get Citrine and Aquamarine in Fae Farm by exploring floors 5-11 and 15-21 respectively in the Saltwater Mines. Then, you can use these ores to gift NPCs, complete quests, and craft seals, or sell them for money. For more content, check out our guides on where to get and farm Adhesive in Starfield and how to rename your ship in Starfield.

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