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Stasis Bone Totem sentry gun puzzle solution

Stasis Bone Totem is a sci-fi adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its atmosphere of dread. Its puzzles are also hard, so we’ve compiled this guide about the Stasis Bone Totem sentry gun puzzle and how to solve it.

You’ll come across this puzzle towards the end of Chapter 1, right as you find the diving bell that will take you further into the depths. To complete the puzzle and progress, you need to ensure you’ve obtained many different items as the different characters, which is why we’ll walk you through it step by step.

Below, you’ll find out how to power the Stasis Bone Totem sentry gun and use it to progress as Moses during the first chapter. So read on for more.

How to power the sentry gun in Stasis Bone Totem Chapter 1

During Chapter 1, when you’re playing as Moses, you’ll come across a sentry gun on the oil rig. It will be pointed at a wall with some spikes on it, but it has depleted its charge and can only target organic matter. Take the depleted battery cell from the sentry gun and pass it to Mac. Swap to Mac and recharge the depleted battery cell at the Cell Recharge Station on the barge.

Pass the now-charged battery back to Moses and put the battery into the sentry gun. The sentry gun is now activated, but you need to find it a target.

stasis bone totem sentry gun the chimaera mass in the locked case password needed

How to get the Chimaera Mass

In the laboratory near the diving bell, you’ll find a Chimaera Mass locked in a case. The case requires a password to open. There are clues to the code on nearby papers and slides, but the code to open the case is 1809.

Once you’ve input the code, the door will open. Take the Chimaera Mass and place it in the receptacle on next to the case you got it from. Then place the Blank Data Disk you found earlier into the computer terminal.

The computer terminal will copy the data from the Chimaera Mass onto the Blank Data Disk and spit out an Encoded Data Disk for you to pick up. Pass the Chimaera Mass and Encoded Data Disk to Moses.

How to use the sentry gun and solve the puzzle

As Moses, place the Chimaera Mass on to the spikes on the wall. Then, go to the sentry gun and insert the Encoded Data Disk. Then, press the engage button on the sentry gun.

The sentry gun will now see the Chimaea Heart as a target and open fire. It will destroy the wall and allow Moses to progress to the next area.

That’s everything you need to know about using the Stasis Bone Totem sentry gun in the sci-fi adventure game. Check out our other Stasis Bone Totem guides for more tips and tricks.

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