Exoprimal achievement guide - how to unlock them all Dinosaurs falling from the sky

Exoprimal achievement guide – how to unlock them all

Exoprimal has become the perfect game for achievement hunters. Not only it presents a very fun and enjoyable gameplay loop but also has enough variety in its level design that beating all of the challenges this game throws at players feels pretty rewarding. But to complete all of the challenges, you first need to know about them. So, here is how you can unlock all of the achievement in Exoprimal and become a master.

Keep in mind that Exoprimal is a competitive game, so begin your achievement hunting journey only after you feel ready and know that you have enough skill to beat these challenges. Moreover, make sure not to rage-quit, that would be really tragic.

Keep reading and find out about all of the achievement in Exoprimal and how you can unlock them. This guide will very much help you through all that tense grinding.

Exoprimal achievement guide - how to unlock them all Characters looking at alien structures

Here are all of the achievements in Exoprimal

The following are all of the achievements currently available in Exoprimal and how you can get them:

  • Welcome to Aibius: Completed the tutorial.
  • Research Facility: Returned from Dino Survival for the first time.
  • Good News!: Checked a report from Leviathan.
  • Magnum’s Investigation: Helped with Magnum’s investigation.
  • Meet Durban: Defeated a powerful Neosaur.
  • Durban’s Trial: Survived a combat test in the abyss.
  • Man in the Machine: Witnessed Leviathan’s abnormality.
  • Prized Research Subjects: Defeat Durban
  • Peerless Shooter: Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Deadeye.
  • Riding the Wind: Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Zephyr.
  • Highly Explosive: Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Barrage.
  • Battlefield Recon: Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with Vigilant.
  • Dead End: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Roadblock.
  • Mission Complete: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Krieger.
  • Mechanical Bushido: Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame.
  • Healing Practices: Repaired 10,000 total health with Witchdoctor.
  • Ruler of the Skies: Repaired 10,000 total health with Skywave.
  • Dangerous Skater: Repaired 10,000 total health with Nimbus.
  • Spear Stopper: Stopped a Triceratops charge with Roadblock.
  • Carnivore No More: Defeated a Carnotaurus.
  • Shield Slayer: Defeated a Triceratops.
  • A New Tyrant: Defeated a T. rex.
  • Ancient Problems, Modern Solutions: Defeated a large number of dinosaurs summoned by Leviathan.
  • Cretaceous Eradicator: Eliminated a total of 100,000 dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur Handler: Used a Dominator for the first time.
  • Threat Level Rising: Experienced a dinosaur upgrade for the first time.
  • A Sample of Suits: Tried ten different exosuits.
  • Shapeshifter: Emerged victorious using five different exosuits in Dino Survival.
  • No Exosuit? No Problem: Eliminated 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a single match.
  • Exosuit Developer: Customized the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus exosuits in the Hangar.
  • Arms Dealer: Unlock three rigs.
  • Decisions, Decisions: Equipped a module for the first time.
  • Exosuit Researcher: Collected 50 modules.
  • One Small Step: Increased your suit level for the first time.
  • Ace Pilot: Reached suit level ten with ten exosuits.
  • Exofighter’s Honor: Equipped an award for the first time.
  • Fashionable, Yet Deadly: Set a suit skin, weapon skin, decal, and charm on a single exosuit.
  • Escape Path: Checked Lost Data for the first time.
  • Whatever They Won’t See Coming: Escape from Bikitoa.

These are all of the 39 achievements that you can currently achieve in Exoprimal. Knowing these achievements beforehand will really help you to understand which achievement you should focus on getting first.

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