Exoprimal Best suits and classes tier list Exoprimal Exosuits

Exoprimal best Suits and Classes tier list

If you’re a fan of this thrilling dino-slaying game and want to know the best exosuits in the game, then you’ve come to the right place. In this Exoprimal Exosuit tier list, we’ll rank and discuss the top Exosuits in the game, providing you with valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in both PvP and PvE combat.

Whether you prefer aggressive or defensive gameplay, there’s an Exosuit that fits your playstyle.

If you want to know the best Exosuits in the game, continue reading this Exoprimal Exosuit tier list guide.

The Best Exosuits in Exoprimal Tier List

Here is the ranking for the best Exosuits in Exoprimal. We’ll categorize them into different tiers based on their overall performance and effectiveness in the game. Please note that this tier list is subjective and based on our analysis. Your personal experience and playstyle may differ, and it’s always worth exploring different suits to find the one that suits you best.

Tier S

  1. Deadeye (Assault): As the first suit you’ll wear in Exoprimal, Deadeye may seem basic, but it offers a versatile toolkit for both PvP and PvE scenarios. Deadeye can hold its own in various combat situations with its grenade launcher and melee punches.
  2. Krieger (Tank): Krieger excels in providing suppression power and is a valuable asset when it comes to fending off hordes of dinosaurs. Its Overdrive attack can eliminate enemy players in a single hit if used strategically.
  3. Nimbus (Support): Nimbus stands out among support Exosuits, boasting decent offensive capabilities with dual-wielded guns. It can seamlessly switch between dealing damage and repairing allies, making it a well-rounded choice for any team composition.

Tier A

  1. Barrage (Assault): With high area-of-effect potential and mobility, Barrage shines in PvE combat. Its grenade launchers, flame traps, and grenades make it a formidable force against hordes of common enemies like Baryonyx, Raptors, Sinornithosaurus, and Suchomimus.
  2. Roadblock (Tank): Roadblock’s primary role is defense, making it ideal for protecting team members in PvP encounters. However, its slower playstyle may not be suitable for the fast-paced nature of Exoprimal.
  3. Witch Doctor (Support): If you’re looking for support, Witch Doctor has got your back. With exceptional healing abilities and high mobility, it’s a valuable asset in overwhelming situations and when facing formidable enemies.

Tier B

  1. Zephyr (Assault): Zephyr’s strength lies in its melee fighting style, dealing significant damage to hordes of dinosaurs. However, its low armor and vulnerability in close-quarters combat make it a challenging choice for PvP encounters.
  2. Vigilant (Assault): Vigilant offers the highest single-target damage potential among all Exosuits. Its long-range attacks and debuffing abilities make it a solid pick for taking down large dinosaurs and enemy players.
  3. Murasame (Tank): Despite being slower compared to other Assault class suits, Murasame excels in melee combat. Its wide range of swings and durability make it a great choice for protecting the team against powerful dinosaurs.
  4. Skywave (Support): Skywave’s verticality and gliding abilities give it a tactical advantage on the battlefield. While it may feel slightly slower compared to other support Exosuits, its ability to debuff enemies and freeze time makes it a valuable asset to any team.

Tier C

  1. Roadblock (Tank): While Roadblock may seem like a boon to the team due to its defensive nature, its slow playstyle and limited offensive capabilities may hinder your team’s performance. It’s better suited for PvP scenarios where blocking damage is crucial.

Please note that this tier list is subject to change as new Exosuit variants are introduced and the game evolves. Make sure to stay updated with the latest content drops to adjust your strategies and find the Exosuit that suits your playstyle.

All Classes in Exoprimal

But in order to better understand the tier list, let’s also familiarize ourselves with the three different classes in Exoprimal. Each Exosuit falls into one of these classes, bringing its unique set of skills and abilities to the battlefield:

  1. Assault class: This class consists of Exosuits focused on dealing with damage. The Assault class includes Dead Eye, Barrage, Vigilant, and Zephyr.
  2. Tank class: Tanks are defensive powerhouses designed to protect the team. The Tank class includes Roadblock, Murasame, and Krieger.
  3. Support class: Support Exosuits excel at healing and providing buffs to the team. The Support class includes Skywave, Witch Doctor, and Nimbus.

To ensure success in Exoprimal, it’s crucial to have a well-balanced team with a mixture of different Exosuit classes. This way, you can handle various challenges and enemies effectively, preventing any single enemy type from becoming a significant obstacle. For example, an all-melee team will struggle against flying enemies.

That’s everything you need to know in this tier list guide.  Check out our other guides such as Exoprimal voice actors and cast and Exoprimal suit abilities guide.